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Levett Engineering has a long history of engineering aeronautical components for the Aerospace sector. When the Australian Government invested in the 5th generation F-35 Joint Strike Fighter project in 2002, the Levett Engineering management team made the decision to become an active participant in this project – one of only a small handful of companies to enrol at the time. More than a decade on, this decision has helped shape the success of the company and establish it as a respected member of the elite group of organisations that comprise the manufacturing team of the Lockheed Martin F35.

Using the latest machine tool technology and collaborating with the world’s leading cutting tool companies has allowed the highly-skilled Levett Engineering team to continuously improve manufacturing capability across a broad range of material types, including Titanium.

Another unique advantage of Levett Engineering is our Advanced Aerospace Component Manufacturing Facility. This remarkable capability has allowed us to commercialise our experimental R&D investment in a number of areas, through the securing of new contracts in the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) development program and other defence, aerospace engineering and commercial aviation projects.

Aerospace Companies receiving Levett components:

Lockheed Martin: Titanium, Aluminium, Stainless Steel airframe components

Pratt & Whitney: Super Alloy “hot end” jet engine parts

BAE Systems: Aluminium, Titanium, Tungsten components and assemblies

Northrup Grumman: Aluminium Electronic Housings

Harris Corp: Aluminium & Titanium electronic enclosures and brackets

Amphenol Corp: Aluminium Electronic enclosures

Goodrich: (2nd Tier) Aluminium, Nickel Alloy, Stainless Steel landing gear actuator lock parts